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We will meet with you to discuss your needs and how your website can work for you and your business.


We will work with you to create a look and feel for your website that best captures your business.


Working from your approved design, we will code and program your site to best suit your needs


We will test your site, making sure it is doing exactly what you need it to, and publish it to the web!

Meet Our Team

Our team will work with you throughout the entire process of creating your website. We will even give you access to a url where you can track the progress of your new site as we build it. We have many years of experience and are constantly updating our skills in the ever-changing world of web design.

Ray Pittman

Ray Pittman

Owner/Project Lead

Ray started the company as Quasar Enterprises back in the early days of the internet, circa 1996. It started out as a part-time company after he picked up a few clients. He taught himself everything while working on a laptop, via DIALUP!! He was eventually hired as a programmer for a flower company in Old Saybrook, where he learned (through a lot of trial and error) how to code, use databases and create an e-commerce site. The site he built, 3 years later, was handling 200-400 floral orders a regular day (700-1000/day peak) when he left to go on his own.

He began full time in his basement, moved into office space 3 years later and the rest is history.

Brian Hansen

Brian Hansen

Lead Programmer
Brian was the third employee to Quasar Enterprises, starting back in 2006. He was still in college when he began part-time and has proven his programming skills throughout the years. Brian steps up to any task that is given and has a programming style all his own.
Aishai Bigelow - Office Manager

Aisha Bigelow

Designer / Project Manager
Aisha (aka Esh) has worked at Quasar Internet Solutions off and on since she was 18. She does a majority of the design work and is our Office Manager. Any questions about billing or your services with Quasar can be directed to Aisha.


office manager
Newman is the boss of us all. He has no problem telling us to "Stop It!" or "Shuuuttt Uuupp!" when we get out of line. If we don't pay him attention, he squawks until we do. He loves to watch Ray code on the computer, and will try and correct him by tapping on the keyboard.